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"FlatPyramid is the Fastest Growing 3D Models Marketplace.
Over 100,000 Professionals use Stock 3D Models From FlatPyramid."
Here's How Flat Pyramid Works
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Create a FREE seller/vendor account at FlatPyramid. 
Upload your models
Upload your 3D models, add description and set the price you want to sell it for.
Sell your models
Next, we'll take care of everything for you. Over 100,000 professionals already use FlatPyramid to purchase 3D models on daily basis. 
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Tyler Frederick (St. Louis, IL)
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Showcase Your Talents To Millions Of Viewers
Showcase Your Talent & Amazing Creations
Flat Pyramid offers unique Opportunities to get your 3D Models in front of Millions. Now, there are amazing benefits of this exposure that you'll get
  • Get Hired: Employers are looking for Artist with desirable 3D Models to hire
  •  Custom Models: Get an opportunity to design Custom 3D Models for Clients

     Feedback: Receive flattering comments and reviews for your 3d models. 
  •  Exclusive License: Clients sometimes offer huge sums for exclusive use of your 3D Models (You are free to choose).
  • Best of all it's Free: No cost to you. 
What Can Flat Pyramid Do For You?
Collect Royalties on sale of your 3D Models. Flat Pyramid is a 3D Model marketplace with hundreds of thousands of 3D professionals looking for all kinds of 3D Models. 
Get Hired! Firms are looking for 3D Professionals with talent. 
Get Amazing Feedback and comments on your art. Showcase your talent get the appreciation you deserve. 
Get Hired to build custom 3D models on demand at a premium price. 3D Professionals, Clients and Agencies on Flat Pyramid are looking for Custom 3D Models. 
Earn 10 to 20 time the regular selling price of your models. You can sell Exclusive License for your 3D Model (if you want to).
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What's The Catch?
There is no catch. No credits required.
There is no catch. All that is required from your end is to simply enter your Name & Email. And start uploading your 3D Models with the price you want to sell it for. That's it. 

Plus, you also get enjoy following benefits:
  •  Advertising Opportunity On Flat Pyramid.
  • Sharpen your 3D Modeling skills.
  • Special 3D Modeling Trainings and Courses.
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Once you signup, you'll be up and running within Minutes! Don't forget its 100% Free, plus you have a great potential to earn Passive Monthly Income. 
Flat Pyramid Is Not For . . . 
Lazy Person, who thinks just uploading one 3D Model will make him consistent sales and money.
Someone who doesn't want to showcase his art and make money with it. 
Those who are happy with their 3D models sitting on their hard-drive. And dont want to make any extra money.
Someone who is Paranoid. Who is worried about what people might say about their art.
If you are not an action taker, and concerned about other peoples opinion then this is not for you. 
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Flat Pyramid?
Flat Pyramid is crowd sourced marketplace for stock 3D models. We help you sell your 3D Models without worrying about how and where to find the buyers. 
How does Flat Pyramid benefits 3D artists?
Flat Pyramid is a marketplace platform where 3d artists generate revenue/money/income from selling their 3d models. Flat Pyramid’s growing library has tens of thousands of products for purchase.
What kind of 3d models sells on Flat Pyramid?
3D Modelers, Professionals, Creators and game designers are literally looking for a broad category of 3D models including game ready,  low poly and high res models. We list 3d models from vehicles to fairy tales to space age characters and anything in between. Basically, any thing that exist on earth and can be imagined. The possibilities are endless. 
How much does a typical 3D artist earn from the marketplace?
Honestly, this varies. It depends on the 3d models in high demand, variety, quality and quantity of the models you upload. There are additional opportunities to earn even more, selling exclusive rights to your art and making custom 3d models on buyers demand.
How often are royalties paid?
You will receive monthly payments by PayPal or Skrill within 15 days of the end of the month for the previous month sales. If it falls on a weekend or a holiday, then it will be paid within the next business day. We can also send payments by bank wire transfer and checks for special cases.
Do I loose the copyright of my 3d models after it sells?
No. You retain your copyrights except otherwise stated. What you are actually selling is a non-exclusive, non-transferable license that is granted to the Customer that purchases your product. Please see the End User License & Membership Agreement for more details.
How much will I make on each product I sell?
Flat Pyramid pays 55% or more of the proceeds from sales to the 3d artist. Flat Pyramid absorbs all the costs associated with the distribution, marketing and sale of your products including software development cost, maintenance, hosting, promotion, and financial transactions at no cost to the seller. We only get paid when your 3d model product sells.
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